Werner Park Neighborhood Development
Werner Park and development ground
Werner Park Neighborhood Development — 

When Sarpy County invited the Omaha Royals to come play in their part of the metro it was considered a risk. Now, the Storm Chasers are a kind of economic engine Werner Park is attracting a lot of attention from developers.

Sitting in the middle of what used to be a corn field Werner Park looks a little out of place but it won't be long before it is surrounded by homes, businesses and a retirement community.

Trenton Magid says, "Not only will it be a destination for people throughout the metro area but it will also be home to a lot of people given all the housing developments around the area."

Trenton Magid is selling Pennant Place, the commercial property in front of the park. The plans call for a small entertainment district, service industry and retail.

Right now the area around Werner Park consists of muddy fields but it won't be long before developers move in and change the landscape.

Shannon Toolanen and her family recently moved into the Westmont Neighborhood which sits just to the west of Werner Park. She was unaware of the plans to develop the area but says they are a nice bonus to living in a quiet area.

Shannon Toolanen says, "Not really, no. It would be nice if there was a little shopping center around here or a park because I could take the kids to it and it's close."

When the plans become reality Shannon and her children will have plenty of company.

The residential areas to the north and south of Werner Park are being developed for homes in the half a million dollar price range. There are also plans to eventually put a Papillion La Vista elementary school in the neighborhood.

Posted: Thu 4:14 PM, Apr 11, 2013
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